How, When & Where?

SampleWadi is currently in its BETA stage. That means, we are going through a test and evaluation phase capturing your preferences to serve you more dedicated product samples. It would mean a lot to us, if you could: sign up, complete your profile and brand/product preferences.

What is SampleWadi?

SampleWadi is a platform where you engage in exchange for free product samples.

What can I find on SampleWadi?

You can find product samples from different categories. We keep adding new categories from time to time.

They say your samples are free. For real?

Yes, the samples we give you are certainly free and there is no membership fee either.
However, product samples are meant to be brought to real consumers. Which means: if your profile matches against a sample type, you will be eligible to take it. This can be achieved by filling out your profile and answering a couple of questions.

I cannot find what I'm looking for.

Tell us! You can always submit a request and we will try our best to get it on SampleWadi. Please click here.

Sounds good, where do I start?

  1. Sign up - Click here
  2. Fill in your profile and preferences.
  3. Apply on any sample you love.

How do I get my sample?

When booking a sample you are given a barcode. Show it in-store to collect your free item.

You have not answered my question.

No problem. You can reach out to us any time - Click here.

Review & Win!

Congrats! Our winners have been chosen on July 07, 2018.
See you next time.
Our winners will be chosen on July 07, 2018.

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